Claim of international maintenance in Spain

Do you live in Spain and want to claim alimony in your country of origin? Or, on the contrary, do you live abroad and want to claim a pension from someone who lives in Spain? A&O Abogados in Marbella can help you achieve it.

But what is alimony?

When someone does not have the essentials for sustenance, room, clothing and medical assistance, a pension can be required that covers these amounts. The different national legal systems regulate this Law from Natural Law.

In Spain it is regulated in article 142 of the Spanish Civil Code, giving a broad concept of food by stating that

“Food is understood as everything that is essential for sustenance, housing, clothing and medical assistance.

Alimony also includes the education and instruction of the obligee while he is a minor and even later when he has not finished his training for reasons that are not attributable to him.

The expenses of pregnancy and childbirth will be included among the food, as long as they are not covered in another way.

Who can I claim food from?

It will depend on the legislation of each State. In Spain, it is possible to claim against descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.), ascendants (parents, grandparents, etc.) and siblings, although these are limited.

A&O Abogados, your lawyer on the Costa del Sol will help you determine the most suitable people to claim your food.

In what areas can A&O Abogados, lawyers in Spain, act to help me with the alimony claim?

From Spain, A&O Abogados can help you in the following actions:

Recognition and execution of a judicial decision issued by another State on Food

Whether your Law was born abroad and requires its recognition in Spain, or if it has already been prosecuted and needs to execute said resolution in Spanish territory.

Promote before the Spanish judicial authorities the request to obtain the right to maintenance

Promote the modification of an existing judicial decision to provide maintenance

If you want to know more about the claim for alimony in Spain, contact A&O Abogados, lawyers in Marbella and be sure to visit other entries on this website about alimony between relatives.

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