La compraventa de inmuebles con menos de 35.


The purchase of real estate under the age of 35. The purchase of real estate in Spain is a complex legal process. It involves various legal and tax aspects. For buyers under the age of 35 whose budget does not exceed 150,000 euros, there are tax benefits that can make this transaction more attractive.

In this blog, we will explore the specific tax advantages applicable to this demographic group, and how a specialized law firm like A&O Abogados can be key to ensuring a smooth and beneficial process.

Regarding the purchase of real estate under the age of 35. Let’s now discuss the exemption from the Property Transfer Tax (ITP

In many Spanish autonomous communities, the purchase of real estate under 25 years old is exempt from the Property Transfer Tax. This benefit can be significant, as the ITP typically ranges from 6% to 10% of the property value.

A&O Abogados, with its deep knowledge of autonomous legislation, can advise buyers on the applicability of this exemption in their particular case. In some autonomous communities, there are tax deductions in the ITP/AJD for young buyers. That is, for the purchase of real estate under 35 years old.


These deductions are usually linked to the buyer’s age and the price of the property. A&O Abogados can conduct a detailed analysis of local regulations, identifying opportunities to maximize available tax deductions.

Some municipalities offer discounts on the Property Tax for young property owners. These discounts may vary depending on the location and age of the owner. A&O Abogados can investigate the specific conditions applicable to the property in question, ensuring that the buyer benefits from all available tax reductions.

The Tax on Documented Legal Acts or AJD is another tax associated with the sale of real estate. Under certain circumstances, those under 35 may benefit from discounts on this tax. A&O Abogados, with its experience in real estate transactions, can structure the operation so that the buyer maximizes these discounts. The sale of real estate under the age of 35.

Another significant benefit for buyers under 35 is tax exemption on the acquisition of their first home.

This exemption, applicable to the Property Transfer Tax and Documented Legal Acts, can provide considerable financial relief. A&O Abogados guides its clients through the specific requirements to qualify for this exemption, ensuring that all criteria are met to fully benefit from this advantage. It occurs in the sale of real estate under the age of 35.

A&O Abogados not only advises on tax matters but also provides guidance on specific financing options for young buyers. In many cases, banks offer preferential conditions, lower interest rates, or grace periods to this demographic group.

The firm works closely with financial institutions to ensure that its clients obtain the best possible conditions in terms of financing. The sale of real estate under the age of 35.

A&O Abogados is distinguished by its comprehensive approach to legal advice. During the sales process, the firm meticulously reviews associated documentation, ensuring that all legal aspects are in order. This includes verifying the seller’s ownership, the existence of encumbrances or liens on the property, and drafting and reviewing contracts. Their experience prevents potential legal issues, providing greater security to the buyer.

A&O Abogados not only focuses on immediate tax benefits but also works on long-term tax planning strategies. This may include considering legal structures that optimize tax burdens over time, such as the establishment of companies for property holding. This proactive approach aligns with the firm’s commitment to providing long-term solutions for its clients.

From property search to final signing, A&O Abogados accompanies its clients through every stage of the process. Their commitment goes beyond spot-on legal advice, providing comprehensive support that instills confidence in the buyer. This support ensures that crucial details are not overlooked and that the transaction is carried out efficiently and securely.

Real estate transactions for buyers under 35 years old with a price below 150,000 euros offer a series of significant tax benefits in Spain.

A critical aspect in any real estate transaction is the proper processing of documentation. This occurs in the sale of real estate under the age of 35. A&O Abogados is responsible for coordinating and managing all aspects related to legal documentation, from obtaining certificates to preparing deeds. This ensures that the process is carried out efficiently, avoiding potential delays and ensuring that all legal formalities are properly met.

The sales contract is the core of the real estate transaction. A&O Abogados conducts a rigorous evaluation of each clause, ensuring that the buyer’s interests are properly protected. Their experience in drafting and reviewing contracts ensures that all terms are clear and equitable, reducing the risk of future legal conflicts.

A&O Abogados understands that each client has unique needs and circumstances. For this reason, they offer personalized solutions tailored to the specific characteristics of each transaction. Whether the buyer seeks to maximize tax benefits or needs advice on financing options, the firm adapts to the individual needs of each client.

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and this particularly applies to the real estate sector. A&O Abogados stays abreast of any changes in legislation that may affect its clients. This ongoing update ensures that tax and legal strategies conform to current regulations, providing legal certainty to buyers.

A&O Abogados not only addresses legal and tax matters but also provides guidance on practical aspects. It assists buyers in evaluating the suitability of location and property type based on their needs and objectives. This holistic view of the process ensures that clients make informed decisions that extend beyond legal considerations.

In summary, purchasing property for those under 35 with a budget below 150,000 euros in Spain can be a process filled with tax benefits, provided that proper guidance is obtained. A&O Abogados not only offers specialized knowledge in legislation and taxation but also provides comprehensive support covering all stages of the process.


Their commitment to legal excellence and client satisfaction positions this firm as an invaluable ally for those seeking to make a successful real estate investment backed by trusted professionals. By choosing A&O Abogados, buyers not only gain tax benefits but also the peace of mind of having an expert legal team advocating for their interests every step of the way.

In any real estate transaction, unforeseen circumstances and challenges can arise. A&O Abogados excels in its ability to anticipate potential issues and, if they arise, to effectively resolve them. Whether facing legal, financial, or contractual obstacles, the firm works tirelessly to protect its clients’ interests and keep the process on track.

Determining the true value of a property is crucial to ensuring a successful investment. A&O Abogados collaborates closely with appraisers and experts to accurately assess the value of the property in question. This precise evaluation not only benefits the buyer in terms of negotiation but may also have relevant tax implications that the firm will consider in its advice.

A&O Abogados goes beyond mere legal counsel; it also works closely with financial advisors to optimize the buyer’s resources. This may include identifying potential grants or subsidies available to young buyers, as well as guidance on financial strategies to maximize long-term investment returns.

Transparency is a fundamental principle in A&O Abogados’ approach. From the outset, the firm informs its clients about the costs associated with its legal services. This clarity in fees ensures there are no unpleasant surprises and allows buyers to plan their investment accurately.

The relationship between A&O Abogados and its clients does not end with the signing of the purchase documents. The firm offers post-purchase follow-up, ensuring that buyers have everything they need to settle comfortably into their new property. Additionally, they are available to address any questions or concerns that may arise after the transaction.

Acquiring a property is a significant and exciting step, especially for those under 35 with a limited budget. A&O Abogados stands as a reliable partner that exceeds legal expectations. Their comprehensive approach, experience, and commitment to client satisfaction make this firm the ideal choice for those seeking not only tax benefits but also solid legal support throughout their real estate journey. Property investment thus becomes an experience backed by professionals, guiding buyers toward a secure and successful future in their new home.

In the fascinating world of real estate transactions in Spain, the age and limited budget of buyers under 35 add a special nuance to the process. Throughout this blog, we have explored the tax and legal benefits that can make this experience even more rewarding.

In this journey, having the support of expert professionals is essential, and this is where A&O Abogados excels. Their comprehensive approach, sector experience, and commitment to client satisfaction make this firm a reliable ally for those looking to make the most of tax and legal opportunities.

We invite you to make the informed decision to trust A&O Abogados to guide your path to the desired property. With services that go beyond simple legal counsel, this firm is committed to providing solid support at every stage of the process, ensuring that your real estate investment is a success.

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