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A&O Abogados, lawyers specialized in the practice of Law

At A&O Abogados we feel especially proud of having helped and supported our clients throughout their procedural journey, as well as in the different legal needs that they have been raising over the years.

More than ten years receiving the trust of our clients in the management of their legal problems, providing effective advice with a humane and close treatment. It is our solvency guarantee.

Rafael Andrades
A & O Abogados, specialists in the practice of law

Our Law office

More than ten years providing professional services throughout Spain at the highest professional level, looking after the interests of our clients, setting the goal of excellence in all matters.

Our office offers specialized attention to our clients and expert legal advice in the areas offered, also collaborating with advisors, managers, administrators, engineers and other professionals to offer them the best and widest range of services.

Updating to new legislation through ongoing training of our professionals means that our office provides our clients with the best advice.

Our services

A&O Abogados advises and assists both individuals and companies for the efficient, professional and committed resolution of our clients’ problems.

Purchases, sales and contracts

We manage the purchase or sale of real estate throughout the national territory. A&O Abogados provides assistance in your contracts under the highest professional standards. Leases, assignments, industry, easements, etc.

Inheritances and Successions

We manage and advise the succession, with or without a will, before all orders for your peace of mind.


Contractual breaches, accidents, family, disabilities, etc.
A&O Abogados defends you in all types of processes and before all judicial orders, both before national and international courts.

Criminal Law

A&O Abogados assists you in criminal proceedings, defending your interests as a prosecuting party as well as under investigation, in all phases of the process, with highly qualified Criminal Lawyers.

Why choose A&O Abogados

We work for our clients providing them with a direct and close treatment, managing their legal problems with qualified professionals at the highest level. All this to try to obtain the best legal solution for our clients.


Our professionals contact you directly, without long waits or going through endless filters. You will not have to repeat your problem dozens of times to treat it with the right professional.

Our goal, the satisfaction of our customers

The satisfaction of our client in resolving their issues, with full solvency, endorse our track record.

multidisciplinary field

Our professionals have extensive experience and constant training to find the best solution to your legal problems.

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Our professionals have extensive experience and highly trained to find an effective solution to your problem.

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More than


Cases of our clients resolved.

About Us

Accidents and non-contractual liability claim

Certain situations of daily life can give rise to responsibility for the production of damage, situations that can surpass us at certain times, not only due to ignorance of deadlines, requirements and responsible persons or entities, which makes the assistance of the firm line necessary. from a lawyer.

There are many fields where these situations can occur, such as traffic accidents, damage from the fall of an element from a house, leaks or water damage, carrying out a risky activity or even carrying out or developing a sport can These are areas where, once damage has been produced as a result of an action, the obligation to repair said damage arises.

At A&O Abogados, we have extensive experience in processing and claiming damages for non-contractual liability, offering you effective and solvent advice from the outset.

A&O Abogados

Practice areas

Below we will point out some practice areas of our firm

Traffic accidents

Injuries, rehabilitation, medical treatment expenses, property damage are some of the damages to be claimed from both the driver who caused the accident and the insurance company.


property damage

Leaks, falling objects, noise and vibrations They can be the subject of a claim and compensation, but said claim is limited in time.


constructive guarantees

Buying a property on the plan It is configured as the most important investment in the lives of many people.
But, what happens when the property is not delivered on time, or when it has finishing defects, construction defects or structural defects? You can claim them but it is subject to a deadline



Sales, purchases and contracts

Contract for the sale of real estate or movable property, lease contracts, business assignment contracts, mortgage or bond are just some of the contracts where we can assist you.


Inheritances and successions

The opening of a succession due to death is a difficult situation at a difficult time, where certain actions can lead you to assume the debts of your deceased, or face a complicated tax situation.


criminal proceedings

At present, the overexpansion of criminal law makes it often easy to find yourself immersed in a criminal process, either as a prosecuting party or as an accused party.
Having a criminal lawyer at an early stage often makes all the difference in the outcome of the process.


Processes on capacity

The capacity of a human being is not an aesthetic question in our right, but it has been changing throughout our lives. There are situations where it is necessary, for the protection of people, to adopt personal protection measures or their assets.



Whether you are the landlord who is not receiving your rent or whose property has not been returned at the end of the lease, or the tenant who is under threat of eviction, we can help you.


Family experts

Divorces, de facto separations, regulation of guardianship, custody and maintenance of minor children, liquidation and dissolution of the matrimonial economic regime, setting a compensatory pension for the spouse or alimony for the children are just some of the cases where we can provide you with advice.


Opinions of our clients

Our trusted lawyers for years and we would recommend them to anyone who asks us. Continuous follow-up in the cases, continuous information and availability for any query or problem that we have had. Rafa and Mariluz make a great team and are always ready to give you their best attention and advice. They have helped us both in civil and criminal proceedings, as well as in leases and start-ups of new businesses.

Ángela Sánchez

Thank you for your work and dedication. Without your advice and commitment I would never have made it. My greatest thanks to Mariluz, his advice and his knowledge in the workplace have been essential for me to move forward.

Carlos Cañete

They treated me great, super professionals, decisive and fully involved in the cases, I recommend it 100%

Ana Tomé